IPR Statements

Molex hereby provides notice that it believes it has several patents that include one or more necessary claims directed toward features of the QSFP-DD connector design. These patents include US Pat. Nos. 7,303,438; 7,448,897 and USRE43427 on the plug side (which would cover both active optical modules and passive electric plug connectors) as well as their foreign counterparts. Molex has further patent applications directed toward the internal construction of the receptacle side that may end up having one or more necessary claims. Molex hereby agrees that if any of above patents and/or patent applications (or any other patents Molex owns) have necessary claims then Molex will grant a license on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms to companies requesting such a license. Please note that Molex reserves the right to increase the cost for a licensee that refuses to take a license and forces Molex to use legal action in order to enforce Molex’s rights.